A Few of My Favorite Things

The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

-Diane Von Furstenberg

About a month ago, I went to a “Favorite Things” party. It was so much fun! Everyone brought something that they love to give to someone else. There were so many good things there, and I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

1-Silk Pillowcase: I took this one home, and I absolutely love it! Silk pillowcases are not only super comfortable to sleep on, but they do wonders for your hair and skin. When I wake up in the morning, my hair still feels smooth from the night before; no more tangles! Also, if my hair was curled the day before, the curls still hold their shape the next day. Plus, there are a lot of skin benefits to sleeping on a silk pillowcase. I’ve linked a few options for you here, here, and here.

2-Wet Brush: You guys, this brush is REVOLUTIONARY. If you have super tangly hair like me, this brush is a must have. Once you get out of the shower, apply your favorite product and then use the Wet Brush to comb your hair out. It will leave your hair tangle-free and ready to style in seconds! I’m a big believer in this thing. You can find it here and here.

3-Facial Razor: I haven’t tried these personally yet, but you can bet they are on my Amazon wish list. During pregnancy, I got a few little wispy hairs on my face from the extra hormones, and my husband had to use his razor on my face to get them off! Needless to say, these would be much better. You can use them on your face or your brows. Buy them here.

4-Knock-off Lululemon Leggings: I got a pair of these as well, and they are pretty great. They are super soft and comfortable, and come in so many different colors. They are also SO much cheaper than the real thing. I will be doing a comparison post between these and the real Lululemon leggings later, so be on the lookout for that! Find the leggings here.

5-All Purpose Cleaner: I haven’t tried this yet, but everyone at the party was raving about it, so I thought I would share! The scent is amazing, and I can only imagine how good my house would smell if I used this every day! This is a Target exclusive, find it here.

6-Miracle Hair Mask: It’s a 10 makes AMAZING hair products, and this mask will leave your hair feeling healthy and smooth. They also make a de-tangler that I really love also. You can buy it here, here, and here.

I believe that self-care is SO important. We all need a little self-love every day. Try one of these products, or find one of your own that you love, and make your daily life a little brighter!